Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wordless Wednesday In My Neck of the Woods 7/24/2013

Wednesday....in My Neck of the Woods.

A Lone Bloom

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Delighting in Dresses: First Glimpse of One of My Dresses on a Girl in Uganda

Dress at Home.
I have sewn over 100 dresses for girls in need.  This week I was blessed with seeing the first one actually on a girl.  This was taken last week in Uganda.  This fabric and trim was actually chosen by a local craft store owner--she provided the supplies and I constructed the dress for her to display on her dress form until it was taken to Uganda.

Dress on girl in Uganda July 2013.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Delightful Deliveries of Giveaway Wins ~ For the Week of 7/15

Here are the blog giveaway wins delivered to my house this week.  Always a "Delightful Moment" when one is delivered.
Some of these came together (like the purple clutch, Bounty & Home Depot cards).
I injured my foot a few weeks back and have to sit around a lot--so I have been entering lots of giveaways while I rest.

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A Delightful Dozen of Giveaways to Enter for the Week of 7/21

I love entering blog giveaways and appreciate the bloggers who host them.  These are a dozen of my favorite I am entering this week (if it isn't quite a dozen I'll update thru the week as I find more).  Check them out for yourself.  You can also find many more listed at Frugality Is Free each Friday on her Blog Giveaway Linky.
12.  $100 Babies R Us Giftcard

1.  Shabby Apple Dress
2.  Toys R Us Giftcard
3.  Big G Cereal   @ Practical Frugality
4.  McDonald's Gift Card
5.  Big G Cereal @ Mommy Katie
6.  Joules Kids Clothes
7.  Daily's Cocktails Prize Pack
8.  Escape Monthly Box
9.   Big G Cereal @ Sarah's Fun Blog
10. $25 Personalized Visa Giftcard
11.  Winning Moves Game

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